Jon Mendel

Dr Jonathan Mendel


  • Tel: +44 (0)1382 385083
  • Email:
  • Geography School of the Environment University of Dundee Perth Rd Dundee DD1 4HN


Research Interests

My research is broadly in the areas of political and social geography, focusing in particular on:

  • Online networks, communities and spaces: the implications of these spaces for communication, organisation and activism. Recent foci include science blogging and human trafficking.
  • Policing, crime, data and policy: changes to crime, policing and law enforcement, alongside broader debates about evidence, policy and data analysis.
  • Conflict: the development and deployment of different ways of fighting, from the networked warfare of Afghan insurgency through to the 'war on terror' and urban warfare.

I’m starting a research project looking at questions around disability, chronic illness, Twitter and academia – and I’d really appreciate any contributions to the development of my research questions and then, subsequently, to interviews and group discussions - please see my blog post ( introducing the topic.

Recent Research Grants

2012-3  Scottish Crucible Project Grant. Stop Traffic: Unweaving the Web of Online Human Trafficking (with colleagues at St Andrews, Dundee, Glasgow Caledonian and Northumbria universities).
2005 ESRC Overseas Institutional Visit: funding for a three-month research visit to The Watson Institute, Brown University.
2003-6 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) PhD Studentship: funding to cover the costs of my PhD 


Academic Background

2004-7 PhD thesis, Geography Department, Durham University.
Thesis title: "Virtual Wars: A Comparative Analysis of the 1991 Gulf War and the 'War on Terror'."
2003-4 1st year of PhD studies, Politics, Newcastle University.
Thesis title: "Virtual Wars: A Comparative Analysis of the 1991 Gulf War and the 'War on Terror'."
2002-3 MA Politics Research, Newcastle University.
1999-2002 BA Philosophy and Politics, Warwick University.


January 2012 - present Lecturer (Teaching & Research) in Human Geography at Dundee University.
September 2009 - 2011 Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship) in Human Geography at Dundee University.
2008 - 2009 Teaching at Newcastle University - module leader of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism module.
March 2008 -
March 2009
Research Associate, Data Wars project - at Durham University Geography Department.
October 2007 -
August 2008
Research work for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.
November 2004 -
February 2007
Casual teacher and demonstrator at Durham University Geography Department.
December 2005
Visiting Fellow at the Watson Institute, Brown University.


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  • Mendel, J. and H. Riesch (forthcoming) "Science blogging below-the-line: a progressive sense of place?" in J. Cupples, C. Lukinbeal and S. Mains Mediated Geographies/Geographies of Media (Netherlands: Springer).
  • Mendel, J (2014) "Bad Research and High Impact: The Science: So What Campaign and Social Media Criticism" in ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 13(1).
  • Riesch, H. and J. Mendel (2014)  “Science Blogging: Networks, Boundaries and Limitations”. Science as Culture (23:1), 51-72.
  • Hall, A. and J. Mendel (2013) 'Digital traces and the ‘print’ of threat: targeting populations in the war on terror' in P. Harvey, E. Casella, G. Evans, H. Knox, C. McLean, E. Silva, N. Thoburn and K. Woodward (Eds.) Objects and Materials. A Routledge Companion (London: Routledge).
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  • Mendel, J. (2008) "A Hard Landing for Virtual War: Iraq, Land and Insurgency". Research paper written for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.
  • Mendel, J. (2003) "Power Trouble: Gendered Analyses of E. H. Carr's Concept of Power in The Twenty Years' Crisis," In-spire 1 (1).