Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap


Society Research Group Seminar: Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap - Family Welfare & Intergenerational Justice  26 November 2014, 1-2 pm, Room G6, Tower Building, University of Dundee  Beverley Searle “Housing Wealth and Family Welfare – An Introduction” Stephan Köppe “Acquiring, Managing and Using Housing Assets: Longitudinal Evidence from Britain” Adriana Soaita “H...

Cycles and Spirals of Justice in Water Allocation Decision Making


Tuesday 2nd December at 4pm in 3G02, LT1 - Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee Managing for social and environmental justice in water allocation is a necessary yet challenging goal. Often what can appear as a just or equitable outcome for a specific location or group of stakeholders can also result in injustices at other locations or for other stakeholders. This presentation describes a conceptual framework that helps mak...