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Jennifer Barnes

Jennifer Barnes

Mark Brown

Jennifer Byers

Jennifer Byers

Daniel Cook

Nicole Devarenne

Nicole Devarenne

Jodi-Anne George

Jodi-Anne George

William Grady

  • Research Student - Subverting the Frontier: Western Genre Comic Books and Cultural History
  • w.grady@dundee.ac.uk
Kirsty Gunn

Kirsty J Gunn

Faye Harland

  • Research Student - Modernist Women and Visual Culture
Brian Hoyle

Brian Hoyle

Martin Laidlaw

Calum Laird

  • Research Student - Representations of conflict and character in British War Comics
Gail Low

Gail Low

Gillian Macdonald

  • Research Student - Eco-socialism in the early poetry & prose of William Morris

Caitlin McDonald

  • Research Student - Propaganda in the early collaborations of Powell and Pressburger

Tim Morris

Chris Murray

Ken Newton

Stephen O'Donnell

  • Research Student - The Zombie in Popular Culture

David Robb

Andrew Michael Roberts

Andrew Michael Roberts

Mark Robson

Mark Robson

Dr Ana Salzberg

Ana Salzberg

Jeffrey Smith

James C Q Stewart

Alice Tarbuck

Aliki Varvogli

Aliki Varvogli

  • Senior Lecturer in English and Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator (English)
  • Tel: +44 (01382) 384418
  • a.varvogli@dundee.ac.uk

Rob Watt

Eleanore Widger

Eleanore Widger

  • Research Student - Formal innovation in contemporary landscape poetry as the rearticulation of Romantic attitudes towards environment
  • e.widger@dundee.ac.uk

George Williams

Keith B Williams

Keith Williams