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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Dundee University Press is no longer trading. Most books can now be purchased via Edinburgh University Press.

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Oil and Gas 2nd edition

Oil and Gas Law (2nd Edition)

Greg Gordon, John Paterson and Emre Usenmez (eds.)
This highly successful book brings together academic and practising lawyers to consider the key regulatory and contractual dimensions of the mature hydrocarbon province. Now in its eagerly anticipated second edition, the text has been fully updated and there are new chapters on Energy Security, Law and Technology in the Oil Field, and Acquisitions and Disposals.
Price: £125.00

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book cover Jute No More

Jute No More, Transforming Dundee

James Tomlinson and Christopher Whatley, University of Dundee
This book traces the process of industrial decline and its social and political reverberations. But it is also a remarkable story of urban transformation, and how this impacted on jobs, the physical environment, social life, culture and politics.
Price: £20.00

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Book Cover - Dundee Renaissance Enlightenment

Dundee 1500-1800: Renaissance Burgh to Enlightenment Town

Charles McKean, Bob Harris, Christopher A. Whatley
Price: Readers of The Courier will be able to buy Dundee: Renaissance to Enlightenment for a special price of just £20 (including postage and packing). Watch out for the special code, printed in the paper tomorrow and at regular intervals over the next two weeks.

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Book cover - Scots Law Tales

Scots Law Tales

J Grant and E Sutherland
Price: £20.00
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Book cover - Scottish Mental Health Tribunal

The Scottish Mental Health Tribunal: Practice and Procedure

Derek Auchie and Ailsa Carmichael
Price: £70.00
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Book cover - Adult Support Protection

Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

Albert Calder
Price: £20.00
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