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Graham Pullin

Graham Pullin
MDesRCA, MPhil, MA(Oxon)

Course Director (Digital Interaction Design)

Tel: 01382 386531
8003, 8th Floor, Matthew Building, DJCAD,
13 Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4HT


Graham Pullin joined DJCAD in 2005, having been a senior interaction designer and studio head at the design consultancy IDEO. He is the Course Director of Digital Interaction Design, where he also curates the Museum of Lost Interactions. His writing includes Design meets disability, published by The MIT Press and described by Don Norman as "a powerful, important book". He will co-chair Include 2011 at the Royal College of Art. His research is exploring more expressive communication for people who cannot speak, through projects like Six Speaking Chairs and Speech Hedge which combine interaction design, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, phonetics and critical design.

Research Projects

Design meets disability

A book advocating a radical blurring of boundaries between so-called design for disability, inclusive design and mainstream design. Published by The MIT Press in 2009.

Six speaking chairs

Interaction design research exploring how the tone of voice of synthesised speech might be described­–for example by people who cannot speak. In partnership with Andrew Cook.

Objects for grandpeople

IMD undergraduates create simple, internet-enabled products for particular grandparent. Sponsored by Microsoft Research and in collaboration with Jon Rogers and Product Design.

Museum of Lost Interactions

A forgotten history of interaction design, from 1950s iPods and 1930s laptops to Victorian furniture and wearable technology. Rediscovered, restored and exhibited by IMD.

Table Talk

Furniture that gives hearing aid wearers a positive advantage in a noisy bar or club–and the earpieces that let everyone else catch up. At IDEO, in collaboration with RNID.

Social Mobiles

Critical design provoking discussion (The Economist, BBC and MoMA) about the antisocial use of mobile phones in public places. At IDEO, in collaboration with Crispin Jones.


Design meets disability

Six Speaking Chairs

Speech Hedge

The Museum of Lost Interactions

Social Mobiles