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Textile Design

Textile Design


Quick FactsApply to DJCAD
Qualification: BDes (Hons) Textile Design
Course Length: 3 years (+ 1 year general course if applicable)
UCAS Code for entry into General Foundation in Art & Design WW12 
UCAS Code for direct entry into level 2 Textile Design: W231


Textile Design at DJCAD offers you the opportunity to investigate textile design in a broad sense by encouraging you to consider both the practical and relevant way textiles can be applied and used within society.

You will learn and develop visual and practical skills through making and exploring a diverse range of materials. Exposure to making processes which use cutting edge technologies will help you build in-depth technical, sensory and aesthetic knowledge of colour, structure, pattern and texture.

The course aims to develop students who can contextualise practical knowledge and the decorative philosophy that is inherent within textile design, through a range of applications. This includes developing innovative textile design ideas and prototypes for industry as well as exploring the ways that practical knowledge can help solve problems such as sustainability, the ageing population, crime etc.

Textiles are synonymous with domesticity and the body and you will be actively encouraged to challenge perceived definitions within these traditional parameters and beyond.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • think assertively for yourself
  • express design ideas in a professional way
  • demonstrate a confident and appropriate use of a range of textile processes and materials
  • understand how textile design can be applied in a contemporary context