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Qualification: BDes (Hons) Illustration
Course Length: 3 years (+ 1 year general course if applicable)
UCAS Code for entry into General Foundation in Art & Design: WW12
UCAS Code for direct entry into level 2 Illustration: W220


With an eye to commercial avenues this course adopts a broad definition of illustration and provides a dynamic and experimental environment for the development of visual ideas.

Illustration aims to address the demand for visual communicators by focusing the curriculum on creativity, authorship and interpretation. We offer a wide range of opportunities spanning book arts, applied design, photography, drawing, printmaking, moving and interactive media. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a foreign study trip.

We help you to embrace traditional and experimental processes underpinned by high-end digital technologies and well-resourced printmaking facilities.

Illustration is one of three courses that comprise the Communication Design Programme (Animation, Graphic Design and Illustration) at DJCAD. While following your course in Illustration you will also gain a broad educational experience by being provided with a wide range of opportunities for you to engage with generic communication design issues as well as your pathway choice in Illustration. Our goal is to deliver agile and flexible graduates who have a broad understanding of communication design coupled with deep knowledge and expertise in Illustration.