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Digital Interaction Design

Interaction Design

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Qualification : Bsc (Hons) Digital Interaction Design
Course Length : 4 Years
UCAS Code for entry into Digital Interaction Design : WG24


Interaction design is an exciting blend of product design, graphic design, computing and user research, but is a rapidly growing discipline in its own right. Digital Interaction design at DJCAD is a pioneering course at undergraduate level, and is highly respected internationally for its combination of people-centred design methods, good prototypic skills and design studio environment.

Digital Interaction Design at Dundee is all about being creative and sensitive to how digital technology will affect our everyday lives. This doesn't just mean computers - digital technology is almost everywhere, from mobile devices to domestic interiors, from intelligent clothing to telephone services. Digital companies from Apple to Orange employ interaction designers, as featured in the book 'Designing Interactions' by Bill Moggridge.

So who studies Digital Interaction Design? Our students are very diverse: some are technically minded, but also interested in design; others considered becoming other kinds of designers, but want to explore the future of our digital world.

Digital Interaction Design could be for you if you want to combine your creative and technical sides. This opens up careers in interaction design in the creative industries, but also gives you skills that could take you in other directions as well, such as user research or the digital economy.

Recent students' projects have included:

  • a social networking app for charities to recruit volunteers
  • a car dashboard using a smartphone for breakdown warnings
  • a scarf with voice recognition for people who cannot speak clearly
  • a touchscreen table for VJs in clubs

Our students have access to hardware, software and the support of expert technicians for different purposes including: prototyping apps on mobile phones (e.g. Xcode), producing screen-based content and print-based artwork (e.g. Adobe Creative Studio), building interactive objects and exhibits (e.g. Arduino) and exploring data visualisation (e.g. Processing). Other facilities include woodworking and electronics workshops, video and sound editing, laser cutting and fabric printing.

"I was pretty blown away by the quality and sensitivity of the students' work."

Richard Banks, Interaction Designer at Microsoft Research.

To apply to study Digital Interaction Design at DJCAD, University of Dundee, submit your application to UCAS using Institution Code D65 and Course Code WG24.