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Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices

Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices


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Qualification BA (Hons) Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices
Course Length 3 years (+ 1 year general course if applicable)
UCAS Code for entry into General Foundation in Art & Design: WW12
UCAS Code for direct entry into Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices: WV15


APCP Student at work

This innovative degree provides a unique opportunity to study both fine art and philosophy. Sixty percent of your studies will focus on Fine Art with the remaining forty percent on Philosophy. This interdisciplinary connection brings together excellence in research and teaching. APCP students are fully integrated into the Fine Art and Philosophy programmes.

This interdisciplinary course marries excellence in research and teaching across two mutually compatible disciplines within a mainstream university environment. You will be taught by academic staff with national and international reputations as practising artists, theorists, philosophers and writers who contribute significantly to the shaping of contemporary culture and debate.

Students of diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds are attracted to Dundee by the unique opportunity to combine philosophical thinking with Fine Art practice. The quality of studio and workshop provision is high, supporting printmaking, sculpture, photography, painting, digital film, sound, performance, and multimedia installation.

APCP students have access to the full range of Philosophy modules delivered by the School of Humanities, including the international speaker’s programme.

Facilities include digital imaging suites, the University's computing workstations and a world-class art library. The Student Union is justly regarded as among the best in the UK, and the University campus offers a vast range of extra-curricular activities.

The programme reflects current cultural practices integrating practical and theoretical studies beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Philosophical language and concepts permeate contemporary art, in art criticism, artists’ statements, exhibition proposals and grant applications. Studying philosophy will enable an enriched appreciation of art, as well as empowering you to engage with the contemporary art world in an informed manner. More importantly, philosophy involves deep reflection on a wide range of issues, and can act as a powerful source of inspiration to inform art practice. If you have a strong interest in philosophical ideas as a foundation for your developing visual practice, and have an interest in the broader context of contemporary culture then BA (Hons) Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices is the course for you.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Combine making with contextual reflection
  • Express imaginative visual ideas in artworks, texts and presentations
  • Use critical thinking and analytical skills in your creative work

Who should study Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices?


  • Creative
  • Analytic
  • Articulate
  • Enthusiastic
  • Visually and conceptually imaginative

You want to:

  • Incorporate philosophical ideas as a foundation for artistic practice
  • Improve your creative ability
  • Develop your critical thinking and analytical skills

Student exchange

The academic perspective is enhanced by opportunities for you to study abroad through exchange schemes that operate with centres of excellence in many European and transatlantic countries.

Art & Media Programme

Art, philosophy, contemporary practices is one of three courses that comprise the Art & Media programme (Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices, Fine Art, Time-based Art & Digital Film). This programme has an already established reputation as the only interdisciplinary arts curriculum in Scotland. The bringing together of three distinct pathways under the art and media programme offers a broad educational experience and access to a wide range of staff expertise while also allowing you to gain deep knowledge and expertise in your chosen subject pathway within Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices.