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MSc Animation & Visualisation

Making of Masters Showreel 2014

Interested in studying for an MSc Animation & Visualisation? Click below for a behind-the-scenes look at how the class of 2014 prepared for their Masters Show.

Student Profiles

Graeme Turnbull

Graeme Turnbull  The reason I choose to study the MSc Animation & Visualisation was to explore various vfx techniques in my work and gain ties with industry professionals. I had a great experience during my time at DJCAD and found the programme to be an ideal springboard into the vfx industry. Upon graduating from the masters programme at DJCAD I successfully gained employment at The Mill London as a 3D artist.

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Matt Cameron

Matt CameronI was searching for a course which would help me create original work as well as developing skills required by the industry. From teaching me industry standard compositing tools such as Nuke, to providing support in the developing, filming and post-producing of my short films, the Animation & Visualisation course gave me all the support I needed. The Going Live module of the course also provided me with practical visual effects production experience as well as industry contacts in London.

Matt is an assistant colourist at Double Negative and a director at Flyboy Creative.

Dylan Gauld

Dylan GauldContinuing my studies as a postgraduate student at DJCAD was a fantastic opportunity, as it introduced me to 3D visualisation, and helped me develop both my creative and technical skills and abilities to a much higher level. I chose to study at DJCAD because of its reputation as one of the UK's leading art colleges, with good quality teaching and investment in a complete range of facilities. I also chose DJCAD because the Masters programme was well-suited to what I wanted to do, and there were not many other Universities that offered similar courses.

One element of the programme that was particularly helpful, was the ability to work with industry professionals. Not only did this help improve my technical skills, it gave a better insight into the various workplace roles.

Dylan is now employed as a Research Assistant on a project that explores how 3D computer and visualisation animation might enhance the understanding and communication among young people with asthma.

Of great benefit, was the opportunity to work collaboratively - something which is not only supported, but encouraged by DJCAD. Without collaboration, I would not have been able to complete my programme of study.

Huaijin Cao

huaijin-cao It was the right decision to choose DJCAD to pursue my studies. I wanted to continue to enhance my creative ability and 3D techniques after I finished 4 years of 2D animation study in China. I also wanted to choose a specific direction to research as preparation for my future career. As a result, I chose DJCAD. The Animation & Visualisation courses in DJCAD focus on the process of research rather than outcome. Therefore I was given freedom to develop my potential.

DJCAD also provided an amazing teacher team and advanced facilities that gave me a great study environment. Moreover, Animation & Visualisation gave us opportunities to cooperate with The Mill, which is also a company that I highly respect.

Huaijin is now employed at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as a Motion Graphic Designer.

I learned many useful skills and virtues from my classmates through the project and I got an awareness of the significance of team spirit