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MSc Forensic and Medical Art Open Afternoon

Come along to the MSc Forensic & Medical Art Open Afternoon on Tuesday 11th November, 2-4pm. This is your chance to find out more about these unique Master's Programmes and the inspiring environment that our students work in. Please meet at 2pm in the reception area of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD), Perth Road.   MSc Forensic Art The MSc in Forensic Art is a unique Master's Programme created in response to the need for transition from a variety of undergraduate degrees to specialist practice within cont...

‘Scales of Life’ to open gallery at £26million Discovery Centre

Sarah Cook

A major exhibition of work from leading contemporary artists will this weekend go on display at Scotland’s first dedicated art-science gallery, located within a new £26million research centre at the University of Dundee. ‘Scales of Life’ is the inaugural exhibition in LifeSpace, part of the Discovery Centre (for Translational and Interdisciplinary Research, pictured right), which was this week opened by Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse. The unique ‌gallery will host up to four major exhibitions each year, showcasing the best in collaborations between artists and scientists. ...

Students reimagine city parking to promote green space

A PARK(ing) day installation

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) students have joined a global movement to reclaim car parking spaces for one day and reimagine them as creative sites to promote civic engagement and environmentalism. More than 80 students studying Interior Environmental Design have taken part in the world-wide PARK(ing) day – a civic activism movement which began in San Francisco in 2005 and now involves 162 cities in 35 countries across six continents. Six installations have been created on Dundee’s Perth Road encouraging the public to reassess the use of urban space around the city, un...

‘Digital Lace’ scoops top prize

success in Seattle at design competition

A lecturer from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) has received a prestigious award for work combining traditional craft skills with the latest digital technology. Sara Robertson and her collaborator Sarah Taylor won the 2014 Design Exhibition Jury Award for Fibre Arts at the International Symposium of Wearable Computers. Their project, 'Digital Lace', uses smart inks and fibre optic technologies, to create ambient materials that respond to heat by colour change and light emission. It is now being exhibited at Microsoft Research’s Studio 99 alongside other examples of wearable co...

15 Years | A graduate Jeweller showcase at DJCAD

15 Years - A graduate Jeweller showcase

15 Years | A graduate Jeweller showcase at DJCAD The exhibition will showcase 29 of the best and varied graduate Jewellers to come out of the Scottish art colleges over the past 15 years. Exhibitors include, Hannah Louise Lamb, Jane Gowans, Lynne Maclachlan, Katie Lees, Kaz Robertson, Sarah Hutchison, Sarah Brown, Mustard & Peaches, Marianne Anderson, Andrew Lamb, Pauline Edie, Georgia Wisemann, Donna Barry, Mariko Sumioka, Kelly Munro, Kathy Vones, Barbara Macleod, Karen Moben, Joanne Macfadyen, Merlin Planterose, Jessica Howarth, Ebba Goring, Ciara Bow...