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The Distance Learning Forum website is for archive information only. The work of the Distance Learning Forum is now part of the remit of the elearning sub-committee.

The Distance Learning Forum is a networking group for staff in the University of Dundee involved in open and distance education. By bringing together practitioners, researchers, administrators and policy makers, it aims to provide both a forum for discussion, development and cooperation and a network for mutual support, joint collaborations, exchange of information and dissemination of elements of good practice.  Forum meetings will be arranged at appropriate times and will be open to all those interested. The Forum's remit (revised in August 2006) is:

Staff with an interest in this area should contact the Forum's Convener, Mr Ian Ball, College of Arts & Social Sciences, (w.i.ball@dundee.ac.uk). Mr Ball represents the interests of those staff with an interest in distance learning as a member of the University's Learning and Teaching Committee.

A new My Dundee resource, Flexible Learning Interactive (FLI), has been created by Dr Gaye Manwaring, College of Arts & Social Sciences, and Ms Margaret Adamson, Learning Enhancement Unit, to act as a focus for staff with an interest in any aspect of the flexible delivery of learning. FLI appears on the staff desktop for My Dundeeand hosts staff discussion boards on issues relating to distance learning including boards related to the Distance Learning Forum and led by Mr Ball.

The Distance Learning Committee was merged with the Sub-Committee on the Use of C & IT in Learning & Teaching in 2005 to form the Sub-Committee on the Flexible Delivery of Learning which in turn was merged with the Learning & Teaching Committee in August 2006.

Mr I Ball
Distance Learning Forum

11 September 2008

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