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 Gross anatomy for Dental Students is both a practical and a theoretical subject.

The timetable is here (In .pdf format).

Semester 1 - Head and Neck Dissection Guide is HERE (In .pdf format).

The anatomy course covers the Thorax and the Head & Neck Regions in most detail (less for the Abdomen), together with a small amount of Embryology that is necessary for basic understanding.
The Head & Neck component comprises about three quarters of the anatomy course.

Acland's "Human Anatomy" DVD supports the dissection - see "Videos" [above right] for that link.
Many of the illustrations in the lectures are from DHA [Dynamic Human Anatomy][above left].

Practical anatomical knowledge is tested at least once every semester.

Theoretical knowledge is tested in a written formal examination at the end of each semester. The breadth of the subject is examined primarily using extended, short answer questions. The ability to manipulate knowledge and to integrate anatomical knowledge with an understanding gained from other disciplines is tested using essay papers. Clinical images are used throughout the course.

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 Blackboard is an electronic Virtual Learning Environment - VLE.

It is the major Teaching Resource that supports the whole of the first BDS year! You should check this URL at least once per day - it is the official means of direct communication with the Class.
The "VLE" link button & picture is in the menu-bar above.

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 This is an Illustrated Course Book.

All the illustrations are taken from the recommended Histology text (with permission, but for copyright reasons this is a restricted site).

Histology is a illustration based subject in our course and occupies between one quarter and one third of the total time in anatomy.
The practical examination questions in Histology are based on the captions to the pictures shown in this site and in the recommended text book.

Histology is tested in the practical spot tests and in the extended short answer questions at the end of every semester. It may also be also tested in the integrated question essays.

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