CECHR Annual Symposium 2014: Transformation

Wednesday 5th February 2014

The CECHR Annual Symposium took place at the Westpark Conference Centre in Dundee. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Transformation’ in line with the Universities Strategic Vision.

Printable CECHR 2014 programme

Introduction Prof John Rowan, CECHR

Opening Remarks
Prof Chris Whatley, VP CASS
Prof Margaret Smith, DP Internationalisation
Prof Ioan Fazey, CECHR

Session 1 Chair Dr Peter Moug, CECHR
Dr Kit Macleod, JHI ‘Support for enhancing interdisciplinary research’
Dr Lorens Holm, Architecture ‘The environmental subject and its relations’
Prof Frank Sargent, CLS ‘Interdisciplinary research projects for undergrads’

 XCECHR Postgraduate Poster Session (Read posters on ISSUU)

Session 2 Chair Dr Alison Karley, JHI
Prof Divya Jindal-Snape ‘Transforming lives through volunteering?’
Dr Ed Hall, Geography ‘Keeping the lights on- response to power outages’
Prof Tim Newman, EPM ‘Interdisciplinary directions within the EPM School’

Session 3 LOCAL Changemakers (facilitated discussion)

Session 4 Chair Jean Duncan, CECHR
Dr Sue Dawson, Geography ‘Climate change and landslide-tsunami risk’
Dr Husam Al Waer, Architecture ‘Continuity and closing the loop’
Dr Elizabeth Bastida, CEPLMP ‘Sustainable mineral resource management’

Session 5 Chair Dr Chris Connolly, Neuroscience
Dr Alistair Rieu-Clarke, UNESCO ‘Hydropower projects and transboundary rivers’
Michelle Swain, RIS ‘Funding and opportunities’

Session 6 GLOBAL Changemakers (facilitated discussion)

For any further information contact CECHR@dundee.ac.uk

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