Invitation to Opening of Gil Garcetti Photograph Exhibition

The Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science is honoured to be exhibiting a selection of photographs from Gil Garcetti's collection, 'Women, Water and Wells'.   Garcetti's rich black-and-white photographs reveal the critical link between water and health in West Africa, as well as the dramatic economic and public health outcomes that can be achieved when safe water is delivered to communities.‌ 

The collection will be exhibited in the Dalhousie Building for a period of two months from 10th January 2013.  Gil will provide a short presentation on the 10th January before the exhibition is officially opened.  A drinks and nibbles reception will follow.

The Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science would like to invite colleagues and friends of the University to attend the official opening.  Please view the invitation here

Please RSVP to Hugh Gunn, or 01382 385871.