Scottish Centre for Economic Methodology

The Scottish Centre for Economic Methodology (SCEME), currently based at the University of Dundee, aims to further debate and research in economic methodology in Scotland and beyond.

SCEME core activities include coordination and support of joint research activities in economic methodology and related fields of inquiry in Scotland and beyond, which includes the organisation of a longstanding international workshop series on current topics in economic methodology, with proceedings and symposia regularly published in various outlets.

A mailing list exists that serves to keep SCEME's associated network of scholars up to date on forthcoming initiatives and activities, and which is open to any scholar working on or interested in economic methodology. For more information, please contact Dr. Martin Jones



DateLocationEventTitle/SpeakerAdditional information
15-16 May 2014 Bristol 19th SCEME Seminar Methodology of Economics and the Natural Environment

19th SCEME Preliminary Programme

19th SCEME Seminar

Seminar Information including booking form

18 Nov 2013 Dundee 18th SCEME Seminar Origins of the Theory of the Firm: Ronald Coase at Dundee 1932-1934 18th SCEME Seminar (pdf, 173kb)
18th SCEME Seminar Programme
24-25 May 2013 Cambridge 17th SCEME Seminar Coding Economics? Professional Conduct and Scholarly Values after the Crisis 17th SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 113kb)
12-13 Sep 2012 Tilton House 16th SCEME Seminar Reappraising Keynes's Economic Consequences of the Peace

16th SCEME seminar programme

26 March 2012   15th SCEME Seminar Taking stock, looking ahead: Economic methodology in the UK and beyond 15th SCEME Seminar: call for contributions
15th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 70kb)
8-9 June 2011 Aberystwyth 14th SCEME Seminar "Economic Methodology after the Crisis" 14th SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 16kb)
11 Sep 2009 Kinlochard 13th SCEME Seminar "Cultural Economics and the Economics of Culture" 13th SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 82kb)
25 Apr 2009 Stirling 12th SCEME Seminar "Culture and Economic Performance" 12th SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 25kb)
20 Sep 2008 Stirling 11th SCEME Seminar "Methodology after Keynes" 11th SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 12kb)
7 Feb 2008 Keele 10th SCEME Seminar "Economics and Politics: Defining Neoliberalism" 10th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 16kb)
13 Oct 2007 Stirling 9th SCEME Seminar "Knowledge Information and the Economy" 9th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 25kb)
19 May 2007 Stirling 8th SCEME Seminar "Economics as a Moral Science" 8th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 25kb)
15 Nov 2006 Stirling Carnegie Centenary Lecture "The Concept of Welfare in Economics"/Prasanta Pattanaik  
27 Oct 2006 Stirling 7th SCEME Seminar "Rationality and Individuality in Economics" 7th SCEME seminar programme
5 May 2006 Stirling 6th SCEME Seminar "Methods for Realist Economics" 6th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 29kb)
9 Dec 2005 Stirling 5th SCEME Seminar "The Methodology of Development Economics" 5th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 41kb)
18 Nov 2005 Keele 4th SCEME Seminar "Equilibrium Perspectives" 4th SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 29kb)
9-12 Jun 2005 Stirling 9th ESHET Conference "Economics and other Disciplines"  
26 Nov 2004 Stirling 3rd SCEME Seminar "Systems in the Economy, Theory and Modelling" 3rd SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 37kb)
6 Mar 2004 Stirling 2nd SCEME Seminar "Complexities of Economics" 2nd SCEME seminar programme(pdf, 33kb)
31 Oct 2003 Stirling 1st SCEME Seminar "Formalism in Economics" 1st SCEME seminar call for papers(pdf, 25kb)
1st SCEME seminar programme (pdf, 49kb)




  • Martin Jones, University of Dundee
  • Matthias Klaes, University, University of Dundee
  • Robert McMaster, University of Glasgow
  • Sheila Dow, University of Stirling

Advisory Board

  • Roger E. Backhouse, University of Birmingham
  • Mark Blaug, Erasmus University Rotterdam +
  • John B. Davis, Marquette University and University of Amsterdam
  • Paul A. David, Stanford University and All Souls College Oxford
  • Kevin D. Hoover, Duke University
  • Brian Loasby, University of Stirling
  • Deirdre McCloskey, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Robert Sugden, University of East Anglia

Associated Network

Stuart Birks Massey University
Sally Brooks IDS
Rod Cross University of Strathclyde
William Dixon London Metropolitan University
David Donald Glasgow Caledonian University
Alistair Dow Glasgow Caledonian University
Andy Denis City University, London
Paul Downward Loughborough University
Miguel Angel Duran University of Granada
Paolo Ermano University of Torino
Joao Faria Nottingham Trent University
John Finch University of Glasgow
Daniel Gay University of Stirling
Daniela Gabor UWE Bristol
Mark Hayes University of Cambridge
Peter Hughes University of Leeds
Alan Hutton Glasgow Caledonian University
Jesper Jespersen University of Roskilde
Susan Johnson University of Bath
Annina Kaltenbrunner University of Leeds
Henry Kelly University of Edinburgh
Tony Lawson Cambridge University
Donald MacKenzie University of Edinburgh
Stuart MacKenzie University of Ballarat
Mogens Ove Madsen University of Aalborg
Ali Maleki University of Edinburgh
Andrew Mearman University of the West of England
Jo Michell SOAS
Robbie Mochrie Heriot-Watt University
Carlo Morelli Dundee University
Ioana Negru Ashcroft International Business School, Cambridge
Vitor Neves University of Coimbra
Wendy Olsen Manchester University
Iara Onate-Vigo Fed Univ. of Parana, Brazil
Jonathan Perraton University of Sheffield
Karl Petrick University of the West Indies
Alasdair Rutherford University of Stirling
Kobil Ruziev University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Christophe Salvat CNRS
Brendan Sheehan Leeds Metropolitan University
Geoff Tily ONS
Jan Toporowski SOAS
Paul Turpin Gustavus Adolphus College
Larry Lepper Victoria University of Wellington

 + deceased