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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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Forthcoming web chats

Web chats

We organise a range of web chats throughout the year to allow you to chat to us online. The chat sessions are focussed around a theme, so that we can link you up with the most appropriate experts on campus.

Taking part

If you wish to take part in our web chats, you need to:

  1. view the list of chat sessions
  2. create a web chat account
  3. register for the chat session
  4. logon to your web chat account when the chat is about to take place, or has already started, and click "JOIN CHAT"

Read the transcripts

After the web chat has take place, you can also read transcripts here.


If you would like us to host a particular chat topic, or have a suggestion for chat timings, please contact us.