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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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The University's Reputation

Dundee University is promoting pure and applied research and scholarship at international levels of excellence.

Here are some of our achievements:

Did You Know?

In addition to all this University of Dundee's Student Union was voted 2nd in the Club Mirror Awards. The University has the most modern and technological gym in Scotland and has some of the best exchange opportunities in Britain with established programmes in Australasia, through the Erasmus programme, and in Hong Kong and wider China.

Dundee is the only university in the UK that teaches English & Scottish Law and is the only University in the whole world offering a course in Forensic Art.

Dundee's reputation draws students from 85 countries worldwide making it a truly international experience. More than this though Dundee University was:

Some of our top academics include:

The technology behind LED displays was pioneered by scientists in the University of Dundee School of Engineering.

We try and create a supportive environment and a great place to study

The cost of living in Dundee 14% lower than the national average for students. RBS Index of cost of Living for Students 2007 Dundee is 3rd best in country after Leeds and Brighton.

There are 11 different types of bursaries available to support students.

We have a comprehensive academic skills programme devised by two University of Dundee academics, Dr Kathleen McMillan and Dr Jonathan Weyers authors of the successful Smarter Student series of books and 6 other titles between them in this field.

Our PDP (Personal Development Plan) is a great way to help build self awareness, skills and a fantastic tool for the job market.

Ninewells offers nursing and medical students the experience of working in interdisciplinary medical environment – priceless.

We also have a system called 'Peer Connectors' - friendly helpful students from wide variety of programmes, backgrounds, age groups and experience who are here to help you get the most out of your university experience.