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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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Living Costs

Dundee offers students a lower cost of living than most other parts of the UK. Estimated total costs of living for a single student are as follows:

Your own expenditure will depend on your lifestyle and the funds available to you. You will spend more than normal in your first week or two as you establish yourself, but your expenditure will soon settle down, allowing you to manage your weekly budget carefully.

In addition to your tuition fees you will need living expenses to cover the following:

ExpensesApproximate cost per month
Accommodation £275-300
Utilities £80 (£150 for families)
Internet/TV £20
Mobile phone £30
Food £200
TV Licence £15 divided by number sharing with
Social costs £90
Travel to University Average bus £36
Clothing £60
Toiletries £30
Incidents £50
Additional expensesApproximate cost per year
Books/Equipment £280
Course expensesSpecific to each course studied (contact Schools for more information)

For other costs, visit: