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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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Malcolm Triggs

Malcolm, from Aberdeen, is studying English. He hopes to graduate in 2014.

Photo of Malcolm

Why did you choose to study at Dundee University?

I really wanted to move to a new city and meet completely new people but at the same time be within a reasonable distance from my friends and family at home. I had heard a lot about Dundee's English course and got an instant feel for the campus when I came to the open day. It's a great atmosphere around here.

What is the best thing about your course and why?

The course offers so much. It caters to all sorts of interests, from Shakespeare to Steinbeck, Chaucer to Chandler and all sorts in between. It also opens you up to all new kinds of interests and makes you view histories and cultures in totally new ways.

Have you taken part in any student exchanges/work placements?

I'm doing work experience for my local newspaper in Easter. It's a career that interests me and is well suited to students of English. I would also like to look into teaching placements as I am increasingly attracted to this field of work.

What information do you think applicants need to know before starting this course?

Well, my mother always says that what you put into life you get out. I think you can say the same for any university course, especially English as it's such a diverse subject.

What was your experience of settling into life in Dundee when you first arrived?

Totally exciting as I knew so few people when I started. Of course, this was daunting at the same time, but I've met some amazing people since I started here. I think the freedom and independence is something which everyone needs to experience and is sure to love.

What sports activities or clubs/societies (if any) are you involved with?

I played cricket in my first year and I'm playing tennis this year. The sheer choice of sports clubs within the University is amazing. I'm also slowly getting involved with the student magazine which is a great opportunity and such an advantage as I'm interested in journalism as a career.

What has been your best university experience to date and why?

Definitely the people I have met here. Sure, you make so many acquaintances and mates, but it's the people with whom you have a real connection that make the difference; the ones you know you're going to keep in touch with for life.