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Admissions Processes - Undergraduate Courses

The information on this page is designed to help you through the stages from applying to starting a course at the University of Dundee.

To ensure your application is handled as efficiently as possibly, at each stage we have indicated:


YOU submit your application via UCAS or GTTR.

Your application will be sent onto the University of Dundee, please wait at least one week before contacting us.


After we receive and process your application, WE will send you an email message to:

  1. acknowledge that we have received your application
  2. ask for any further information at this stage
  3. confirm your personal details, YOU check the sheet we send, and tell UCAS/GTTR if corrections are required
  4. inform you of your University of Dundee id number, plus your My Dundee and University of Dundee email login details
  5. inform you of your tuition fee status. If YOU wish to appeal the decision, please complete the relevant Fee Status Questionnaire (link in email)
International applicants

WE will also send you an email regarding the UKBA previous study rule. Follow the instructions and upload a copy of your passport, current or expired UK visas. Please note we need this information before we can proceed with your application form.

Our Decision: Interview / Portfolio (if applicable)

After we consider your application, some courses may invite you for an interview and/or portfolio assessment. WE will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

YOU must read carefully the information we send, you may need to select your own interview time, arrange to deliver your portfolio etc.

Our Decision: Offer / Reject

After considering your application, and results of interview and/or portfolio assessment (where applicable), we will make one of three decisions. WE email you, and you will also be notified via UCAS/GTTR:

  • Unconditional Offer - if you already satisfy the entry requirements,
  • Conditional Offer - you need to satisfy the entry requirements stated by the admission tutors, or
  • Rejection - if you are not considered to be suitably qualified

If we make you an offer, we may also invite you to a Post Application Visit Day, usually held between February & April.

Offer Response

After you receive our offer, YOU must respond via UCAS/GTTR, either:

  • Accept - if you wish to take up the offer, or
  • Decline - if you no longer want the place


After you have accepted your offer, if your course offers a scholarship, WE will email you a scholarship application form.

YOU must complete and return the form by the given deadline if you wish to be considered for a University of Dundee scholarship.

Note students can only hold one scholarship for their course of studies.

US Federal Loans - US students only

Once YOU have confirmed your application for a USA Federal Loan WE will issue a Notification of Student Loan For the Academic Year. This will be signed by the University of Dundee and sent to you by DPL Courier. Please use the original for visa purposes.

Firm Acceptance (International students only)

After you have accepted our offer via UCAS/GTTR, WE will email you a firm acceptance letter, we will ask YOU to:

  • email us a scanned copy of a valid passport, and
  • make a pre-payment towards your fees

University of Dundee Accommodation

After you have accepted our offer, WE will email you an application form for University of Dundee accommodation.

YOU must complete and return the form by 15th July for guaranteed University of Dundee accommodation. Allocation is on a first come, first served, basis.

Meeting your offer conditions (if applicable)

If you have a conditional offer, we need evidence that you have met the conditions of your offer.

For some qualifications, eg GCE A levels, SQA Highers, IB, your results are automatically sent to us by UCAS.

In all other cases, YOU must send us evidence that you have met the conditions of your offer.

Admission Letter (Home/EU applicants)

WE will email you an Admission letter, including matriculation / enrolment details from July onwards.

CAS checklist (International applicants)

After we have received your passport copy and you have made a pre-payment towards your tuition fees, and you have notified us that you have met any conditions of your offer, WE will email you a CAS checklist.

YOU must check all the details are correct, and send the form back by email.

Admission Letter / CAS statement (International applicants)

After you have returned your CAS checklist, WE will email you

  • Admissions Letter, and
  • CAS statement for visa purposes

YOU need to make the necessary arrangements to obtain a visa.

Matriculation / Enrolment (all students)

WE will email you information about matriculation, including the date, time & place you need to attend to formally register at the University of Dundee.

YOU will need to complete an online pre-matriculation task before arriving in Dundee.

Home/EU students - YOU must bring the following documents:

  • Original qualifications - certificates/transcripts, which you used to gain your place on the University of Dundee course
  • Passport/driving licence - as proof of your identification

International students - YOU must bring the following documents:

  • Original qualifications - certificates/transcripts, which you used to gain your place on the University of Dundee course
  • Original Passport
  • UK Visa

You can also download this information as a diagram.