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West Park Flats

West Park Flats are located at 319A Perth Road, approximately 1½km west of the main campus, adjacent to the Western Cemetery and Harris Academy Secondary School, in a residential area.

This residence forms part of the West Park Centre sharing the site with the Conference Centre and West Park Villas.

Opening to students in 2007, West Park Flats accommodates 140 students from the UK and around the world.  20 students in five-bedroom premier flats and 120 students in six-bedroom standard room flats. Each flat has its own fully fitted kitchen with dining and sitting area.

West Park Centre is the venue for a variety of meetings and non-student activity throughout the year.

West Park Flats are used for vacation and conference business during the summer months of June to early September.

Residence Fee information is available in the residence fee table.

Postal Address for Student Mail: Flat Number __ ,  Room Number __, West Park Flats, 319A Perth Road, Dundee, DD2 1NN  

Mail is delivered directly to each flat.

Unique to West Park
Off Campus location West Park is located off campus (approximately 1½km west of the main campus) in a residential area.
Car Parking Parking is restricted to Permit holders only. If you wish to purchase a permit, please contact Sanctuary Students (Heathfield Office, tel 01382 383111) during Freshers' Week. Permits are sold on a first come first served basis. For terms and conditions, prices etc please contact the Heathfield Office. Unfortunately, there is no parking for guests, visitors etc to residents of West Park, however, on-street car parking is available nearby.
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