New Students


May I apply with a friend?

Yes, each applicant must indicate clearly on their Accommodation Application Form, the name of the person they wish to share with and we will endeavour, but cannot guarantee to match the requests.

I have applied for University Accommodation through 'Clearing', when will I know if I will be offered accommodation?

Clearing is a very busy period for the Residences Office, therefore please be patient whilst we confirm your application. If we are unable to offer you University accommodation we will advise you as soon as possible.

If I am allocated accommodation that is not my first choice, can I change or be offered something else?

Unfortunately due to the allocation process it is simply impractical to create a waiting list for an over-subscribed residence in advance of the session. You may of course decline an Offer of Accommodation but the University is not able to guarantee that a further offer will be made. In some years, the Residence Office has been able to consider transfers between residences and if so, this would become apparent during October (when a 'Transfer List' would be made available).

Can parents pay residence fees for their children?

Parents can make residence fee payments on behalf of the student by one-off payment or by a direct debit instalment plan. Information on paying residence fees by bank transfer, debit/credit card or by instalment can be found in the fee payment guide.

What if I didn't accept my offer by the 'Reply By Date' I was given?

If you decide not to accept your offer within the 'Reply By' period you are given then the offer may be withdrawn and the room offered to another applicant. Please log into your account and Contracts to see if this is the case – if it is still shown as AWAITING RESPONSE then you should accept it immediately and contact us to be sure of securing the place. If your offer is WITHDRAWN and you still require accommodation then you will need to reapply by submitting a new application. Please note that you will no longer be covered by any guarantee of accommodation. If you feel there were exceptional circumstances beyond your control which prevented you from accepting the offer within the given timescale, please let us know by email or telephone as soon as possible and we will review your application. In normal circumstances your re-application will not be considered until all other applicants have been offered a room.

How do I secure my accommodation?

You will be advised of the Reply-by Date to accept your accommodation. If you do not accept the booking by this date the accommodation offer may be withdrawn and offered to another accommodation applicant. New undergraduate and postgraduate students will be asked to pay a prepayment of £300 to secure the accommodation booking.

My Online application indicates that it is 'Awaiting Allocation', when will I receive a response?

The Allocations Manager is aiming to respond to applications within 15 working days. Our new accommodation system has generated more enquiries and the process is taking a little longer than anticipated but offers and acknowledgements will be issued as soon as possible. We thank applicants for their patience at this busy time.

I have accepted my Online accommodation offer but the offer is still 'Awaiting Response'. What should I do?

At busy times, this can take a short period to update. If it remains unchanged, please retry accepting your booking. Please remember when you are viewing your offer of accommodation, to scroll down the page to the bottom, once you tick the box indicating that you have read and understood the Lease and Code of Conduct the 'accept' button will be available for you to accept. Continue through the pages until you complete the process. When you have successfully completed the process, your booking will indicate ‘Accepted’ on the Contract page.

The £300 Advance Payment should be made via the University Online Store to secure the booking. If you wish to make future payments by monthly instalments, information regarding this will be available at a later date.

I want to pay future residences fees by 8 monthly instalments but I cannot seem to arrange this on the online accommodation service?

It is the University's intention to allow 8 monthly payments (after payment of the £300 Advance Payment/booking fee) via a new Finance Office facility which is still to be finalised. However, it is still possible to pay residence fees by 8 monthly direct debit instalments. Information on this method of payment can be found at fee payment guide.

My academic place is conditional, will I receive my £300 back, should I not obtain the conditions of my academic place?

Yes, the Advance payment will be returned as soon as possible after the Residences Office is informed.
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