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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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Module and Programme Handbook Policy

Module and Programme Handbook Policy and Guidelines

1. Introduction

Module and programme handbooks are important ways in which detailed information is communicated to students regarding the curriculum and School-level procedures and practice. The University also produces a Student Handbook that provides core generic information (see part 3). Together, these sources of information allow the University and its Colleges and Schools to comply with the Quality Assurance Agency Code of Practice for the Assurance of Academic Quality and Standards in Higher Education1 as interpreted within the Quality Assurance Framework2. Publishing these documents also enables the institution to demonstrate how it intends to discharge its legal responsibilities, for example in relation to equality and diversity matters.

2. University Policy on Module and Programme Handbooks

3. Content of the University Student Handbook

This annual publication contains generic material under the following headings:

Section I – Welcome

Section II – Being a student at the University of Dundee

1. How the University works – what you need to know

2. Studying at the University

3. Assessment

4. Students Matter: your voice in the University

5. Looking ahead

Section III – Working and living in Dundee

6. Working while a student

7. Living in Dundee

8. Information for international families

Section IV – Official information

9. Rules, regulations and the law

The current version should be consulted for detailed content and Schools should consider carefully the balance between cross-referencing and repetition between this publication and module and programme handbooks.

4. Guidelines for Content of Module and Programme Handbooks

The School Secretary and Dean have responsibility to ensure that the following material, regarded as mandatory handbook content 4, 5, appears in relevant school publications:

In addition, the following material is recommended handbook content:

The following material is optional handbook content

1 QAA website:

2 University of Dundee Quality Assurance Framework:

3 See University of Dundee Human Resources website:

4 Presented in alphabetical order

5 Some content here has also been defined within the Assessment Policy for Taught Provision (

6 See University Code of Practice on Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty (

7 This refers to the University Fifteen-point Literal Assessment Reporting Scale (

8 See Discipline, Complaints and Appeals (

9 These should include the information published in the Module and Programme specification, and may extend this.

10 Schools should consult with their Liaison Librarian ( over the content and presentation of this section and with ASRS to ensure that students who have accepted places can be supplied with this information.

Approved by Senate on 13 October 2010