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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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Early Dispute Resolution (edr) at the University of Dundee

What is edr ?

Its purpose is to assist staff and students in anticipating, avoiding, preventing and resolving disputes.

See our model Facilitated Discussion toolkit.

What is mediation?

A process in which disputing parties seek to improve understanding and build agreement with the assistance of a trained mediator working with the disputing parties as an impartial third party.

A practice that is voluntary and aims to offer disputing parties the opportunity to be fully listened to, to hear each other's perspectives and to allow them to decide how to resolve their own dispute.


5 Year Anniversary of edr at the University of Dundee

2013 was the 5th anniversary of edr at Dundee. A special webpage was set up with all the celebrations planned throughout the year (including our 5th year event in November).

Collaboration with Dundee & Angus College

In terms of the University of Dundee/Dundee & Angus College Collaboration Agreement, Dundee & Angus College contributes to the edr Strategy Group, assists with and contributes to edr development events and mediators' CPD. The University also offers edr services to the College.

Scottish Mediation Network

Scottish Mediation Network (SMN) is working to embed mediation into the way that conflict and disputes of all forms are handled in Scotland.

Links between the University and CEDR

See PowerPoint presentation by Fiona O'Donnell to CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) about edr at Dundee.

edr Conference 2009

The edr Conference, "The Value of Resolving Disputes", took place on Tuesday 10 November 2009, 10.30am-3.30pm at West Park Conference Centre. Visit Conference Site >>

Other Mediation Links

See our External webpage for more mediation webpages.


• HE/FE Mediation Forum

A meeting of the HE/FE Mediation Forum will be held on Friday 3 June 2016 at the University of Dundee. We are delighted to announce that Michelle LeBaron, Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia, Canada will be keynote speaker at this event. Further information is available from the HE/FE Forum page.

• Dates for 2016

Dates for Practitioners' and Strategy Group meetings.

edr Strategy 2015-2020

View our edr Strategy document 2015-2020.

• 5th Year Anniversary

A webpage has been created containing information about our 5th Year Anniversary event held at Gardyne Theatre, Dundee & Angus College, on 21/22 November 2013. The page also includes a link to a one hour highlight video of the event.

• Erasmus Staff Mobility

Mr Jan Oberdieck, University of Göttingen, Germany, recently visited the edr team through the Erasmus Staff Mobility scheme. Read about his time with us.

• Developments

Resilience Document - The University has a number of resources available to members of staff and students alike who seek support at any time. In consultation with the Campus Unions these have been identified in one coherent "resilience" package. The resilience package makes particular reference to times of organisational change within the University when additional training and support is provided.

• Quiz

The University of Dundee's edr team and Marshalls ACM have designed a 10 minute online quiz to provide tips for ways of engaging with difficulties in the workplace. Available for all staff to try.

The Dundee University edr Model

Find out more about the edr Outline Strategy, the formal launch of the edr Initiative, Training Resources and the edr Strategy Group.

The value of the use of mediation is principally a quicker, simpler and more cost-efficient way to solve disputes. It allows for taking into account a wider range of interests of the parties, a greater chance of reaching an agreement which will be voluntarily respected