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“By creating we think, by living we learn” Patrick Geddes
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Note: As the degree course structures are continually evolving, the content of courses may be modified from year to year and some options within courses may be deleted or replaced or offered only in alternate years. The University, therefore, reserves the right to make changes in regulations, syllabuses etc, without prior notice at any time before or after a candidate's admission. Every effort will be made, however, to inform candidates or students at the earliest opportunity of any relevant withdrawal of a course or of an option within a course.

Table of Contents

General information

Dates of TermSee Term Dates
Principal Officers of the University 
Coat of Arms and Corporate Identity 
History of the University 
Former Officers 
Student StatisticsSee Registry's Web Site


Academic Calendar 
Senatus Academicus and its CommitteesSee also Senate Homepage
Other Bodies Related to Senate - Academic Council and Academic Council Standing Committee 
Emeritus Principals and Professors 
Honorary Degrees 
Senate RegulationsIn PDF Format Only
Academic Council: Regulations - Election of Standing CommitteeSee also Academic Council
BA General Degree Regulations 
Higher Degrees
   Higher Degree General Regulations
   Admission of Research Students
   Maximum Periods of Study
   Form and Presentation of Theses for Higher Degrees
   Postgraduate Appeals Procedure
   PhD Regulations
   Professional Doctorate Degrees Regulations
   PhD by Publication Regulations
   MPhil Regulations
   Postgraduate Research Masters Degrees Regulations
   Taught Postgraduate Masters Degrees Regulations
   Taught Postgraduate Code of Practice
Academic Dress 

College Specific Regulations

First Degree Courses
Higher Degrees Specific Regulations
Diplomas & Certificates Specific Regulations
See College Office Web Sites:
Art, Science and Engineering
Arts and Social Sciences
Life Sciences
Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing


Court & Committees of Court 
University Charter 
University StatutesIn PDF Format Only
University OrdinancesIn PDF Format Only
Court Regulations:
   Election of Non-Teaching Staff Member of Court